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Business School or Bust


The California Launch Festival presents its "Business School or Bust" competition. This is an oral and pitch deck presentation to showcase the most innovative product or business concept. This competition is for new to just starting business entrepreneurs. Pitch any type of business of your choosing; display it from idea to reality through an oral presentation followed by a pitch deck presentation.

The "Business School or Bust" competition is the indicator of quality and perfection in business; the contest is recognized and takes the attention of business organizations and professionals. The "Business School or Bust" Award is a certificate of excellence for entrepreneurs and an important milestone in your career. Participants will be able to attract leads in their entrepreneurial journey and move a step forward in business.

What to Present:

You will be submitting an oral pitch and presenting a pitch deck. The oral "Pitch" should capture the ability of an entrepreneur to have his or her business concept down so tightly and effectively that he or she could meet a potential investor, and convey the essence of his or her business. The "Pitch Deck" should be designed for any audience to understand what is being presented. From the pitch deck slides, an audience should be able to fully understand what you do and get a snapshot into what you are trying to accomplish with your business and its potential. You can present no more than ten slides in five minutes.

Awarding Criteria:

This is a judged competition and The "Business School or Bust" winner receives a full ride undergraduate or graduate scholarship to be announced at The California Launch Festival in September.

The Jury is composed of both Academic and Professional participants worldwide including chief executive officers or heads of companies and faculty heads or professors. Our panel of judges is also composed of celebrity judges to vote on what they enjoy to normalize the scoring by eliminating bias. The votes of Professional, Academic and the celebrity judges are weighted to determine the final result.

The best pitches are selected according to how well the content of the oral presentation flows as well as how creative the business is. The pitch deck should engage the jury sufficiently such that they would want to take the next step with you in your business.

The "Business School or Bust" competition is open to all current high school students and college undergraduates.


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