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For the People


Are you obsessed with recycling and composting? Do you have your own sustainable garden in your back yard? Are you committed to outreach and volunteer service in your community or around the globe? Then pitch us your idea for an eco-friendly, humanitarian, or green business at the "For The People" competition!

You can showcase your humanitarian spirit, resourcefulness, and ingenuity by pitching your innovative HELPFUL business. The "For The People" competition can be the launching point for your world-changing ideas.

Rules and Eligibility:

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of "green" business owners, executive directors of humanitarian not for profit organizations, and professors at The California Launch Festival in September. You must provide a 1 page written summary of your business idea, a verbal presentation or "pitch deck" that can include video or PowerPoint, and a visual presentation (poster board with visuals to help illustrate your idea).

Pitches will be judged based on the following criteria: creativity, purpose, sustainability, environmental or community impact, and viability as a successful business. The judges will be given the opportunity to interview the candidates about their presentation and inspiration behind it.

Awarding Criteria:

This is a judged competition and The "For the People" winner receives a $10,000 scholarship and developmental deal to be announced at The California Launch Festival in September.

The best pitches are selected according to how well the content of the oral presentation flows as well as how beneficial the business is. The pitch deck should engage the jury sufficiently such that they would want to take the next step with you in your business.

The "For the People" competition is open to all current high school students and college undergraduates.


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