California Launch Festival

Game or App of the Year Competition


Do you have an idea for the next Snapchat? The next Instagram? A game that will outdo Angry Birds?

Here's your chance to design the next hottest app on the market! You can change the future by designing and app that helps you create better, connect with your loved ones, or just impress the pants off of everyone you know. Great apps empower people, here's your chance to do the same! It can be for a single device or accessible on any platform. The only criteria is that it be a hit! If you think you have an idea for the next app that people can't get enough of and can't stop talking about then this the competition for you!

Rules and Eligibility:

The App Competition is open to all current high school students and college undergraduates. You must be registered for The California Launch Festival in order to participate. You can compete as an individual or on a team, but you must select one or the other. Multiple submissions (ie, a solo submission and a team submission from the same individual) are not allowed. An "app" can be any web-based or native software application for computers, tablets, cell phones, or other mobile devices. Your "app" must include material (including source code - both open source and third party sourced, user interface, music, video or images) that you own or that you have permission from the copyright/trademark owner to use.

Use these guidelines when designing your app:

  • Design to Do: Love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life - create and app that helps people do what they love. Create an app that focuses on aiding and inspiring creativity. Spark brainstorms, capture inspiration, and organize ideas. Or an app that might keep all of someone's tools (pencils, bike gears, resistors) inventoried.

  • Design to Connect: Sometimes it isn't what you're doing as much as who you're doing it with. Design and app that keeps people close and connected with the ones they love and care about. Maybe an app that created birthday alerts with a gift buying window and a countdown clock reminder? Or an app that shares family recipes amongst friends and family members.

  • Design to Delight: Have an idea that just tickles you? Design an app that surprises and delights - get people excited about what they're doing - whether it's a game or a new way to chat - and they won't be able to get enough. Tetris for the 21st Century? A way to combine Snapchat and Vine? Show us what you've got.

Awarding Criteria:

Our panel of celebrity judges will select a winner at The California Launch Festival in September. "Apps" will be judged based on the following criteria: creativity, purpose, potential, and viability as a successful application. The judges will be given the opportunity to test and demo each app in person, as well as interview the individual or team presenting it.

Winners will receive a scholarship and development deal and will be announced at The California Launch Festival.


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