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Invention Concept


Do you have a concept for the next big invention? Do you enjoy creative challenges? Up for a little competition with a scholarship prize at the other end? Then take a look at the "Invention Concept Competition."

Join the nation's most exciting competition that encourages creativity in students who are working on cutting-edge inventions. Outstanding inventions are judged by a panel of professional inventors and professors.

Competitors will compete for a $10,000 scholarship and the opportunity to bring the product/invention to production. Each entry will be evaluated for it's originality, inventiveness, scope of use, and potential social, environmental or economic value.

Rules and Eligibility:

You can enter individually or as a team. Submit the entry form, and follow these four guide lines: provide a short description of your product or invention, what problem does it solve or use does it serve, how is it innovative, and what are the key features and benefits?

The top 10 submissions will be presented and "pitched" at The California Launch Festival, where you (or your team) will give a presentation about your invention, including a mock-up of the product and a video of the product in action.

Awarding Criteria:

The best pitches are selected according to how well the content of the oral presentation flows as well as how creative and useful the invention is. The pitch deck should engage the jury sufficiently such that they would want to take the next step with you in developing and patenting your product.

The "Invention Concept" competition is open to all current high school students and college undergraduates.

Winners will receive a scholarship and development deal and will be announced at The California Launch Festival.


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